Solutions backed by experience

Our innovative mortgage and title solutions are backed by a team with extensive expertise in developing some of the leading technologies in the industry. While leading development efforts in MISMO, the team behind Viant Eye is committed to delivering new, innovative solutions for the industry.

SMART Doc® V1 / V3 Compliance

Viant Eye’s TruFile Validation platform is a comprehensive data validation solution for SMART Doc®, ensuring compliance with MISMO and investor requirements. TruFile streamlines interoperability, legal enforceability, and regulatory compliance while reducing time and cost for customers. With an easy-to-implement API and on-premises deployment option, TruFile eliminates the need for extensive expertise, freeing up internal resources and maintaining data security.

Validation of documents against the industry-standard Smart Doc specification

Comprehensive set of validation rules and error messages

Customization and extension capabilities for on-premises deployments

Based on MISMO Standards

Leveraging Investor Datasets

Customizable Rules Engine

SMART Doc® V1 / V3 Generation

TruFile Generation, a cutting-edge SMART Doc® generation product, revolutionizes the mortgage experience by streamlining the creation and management of SMART Docs. With features such as easy mapping to industry and investor datasets, a rapid development UI interface, on-premises deployment, and customizable forms, TruFile ensures industry compliance and enhances efficiency.

Intuitive mapping to industry and investor datasets

Developer friendly interface enables quick and easy generation, editing, and management of mortgage documents

Secure, on-site deployment options to maintain control and safeguard sensitive mortgage data.

Easily integrate with existing mortgage and loan origination systems for a cohesive user experience

Includes the latest GSE-approved forms

Based on MISMO® Standards

Includes comprehensive SMART Doc® Validation

MERS® eRegistry Integration

Viant Eye’s MERS® Integration solutions serve as a proxy for all eVault transactions, streamlining communication between your systems and MERS® eRegistry while providing invaluable insights and troubleshooting capabilities.

Real-Time Monitoring / Triage

Transaction Interrogation & Replay

Intelligent Transaction Routing

Localized Lifecycle Testing

Servicing Transfer Automation

Viant Eye Servicing Transfer platform is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and automate the mortgage servicing transfer process, adhering to MISMO standards. This solution simplifies each step of the transfer process, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

Dynamic Timeline based on MISMO Standards

Questionnaire and Compliance QC

Multi-Platform Integration via MISMO centric model

Automated Data Transfer

Reconciliation report

Enterprise Schema Management & Service Designer

Viant Eye’s Enterprise Schema Management & Service Designer is a comprehensive solution focused on managing the mapping to the MISMO model and associated APIs in the digital mortgage industry.

This tool enables technical teams to take a holistic approach associating datasets and API’s to loan events, streamlining the creation, accessibility, and maintenance of schemas based on the MISMO model. By simplifying the management process, our service designer empowers mortgage professionals to effectively leverage MISMO standards and create standarized APIs for improved efficiency and collaboration.

Associate schema and services to business processes

Streamline creation, accessibility, and maintenance of MISMO API Toolkit-based datasets.

Accelerate adoption of datasets leveraging schema mapper

Change tracking (who, when, old, new)

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Viant Eye’s Mortgage News Compliance Monitoring provides mortgage professionals with a comprehensive resource to stay updated on industry news, regulatory changes, and compliance requirements.

Stay updated with the latest banking news, regulatory changes, and mortgage banking events

Access 60+ news sources and perform complex searches, with historical analysis from the 1970s

Utilize AI-generated article summaries, sentiment and trend analysis for quick and efficient research

Professional Services

Viant Eye provides professional services in the mortgage industry, utilizing extensive expertise and innovative solutions to streamline compliance, data validation, eVault transactions, servicing transfers, and regulatory monitoring. With a strong foundation in MISMO standards, our services are designed to address the evolving needs of the mortgage industry, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors while ensuring compliance with industry requirements.

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